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Euroka battery storage customers welcome reduced power bill

A Care Solar Solutions Mid North Coast customer has received a welcome shock – a big reduction in their power bill.

A desire to reduce their dependency on the electricity grid and be self-sufficient to the highest degree in their retirement inspired Euroka couple Wayne and Gail Hall to invest in a complete solar battery storage solution.

The couple was pleased to see the investment is paying off following their first full quarter with the solution in place.

“We were paying $350 on average a quarter for power. Our latest bill was $86 and $56 of that amount was for energy service charges,” Mr Hall shared.

In July Care Solar Solutions installed a 3kWh PV system, an LG Chem Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU 6.4 EX), a Solax inverter and a net meter on the Hall’s residence near Kempsey.

“We’re very happy that we’re not reliant on the grid and we’ve reduced our energy bill because over time energy prices will continue to rise and we feel like we have done everything we can to minimise what we pay,” he added.

Mr Hall monitors their daily solar generation and consumption online via their Solax portal customer login, and found they didn’t need to adjust their living habits greatly to improve their efficiency.

“We had solar panels installed on a previous property and were already energy conscious consumers accustomed to running loads of washing during the day for example outside of the peak charge period. This helps to ensure at night we can minimise our energy consumption from the battery storage unit, and it’s a great feeling to be using our own green power.

“Just yesterday morning we experienced a power outage at Euroka and we still had electricity at home because the battery wasn't empty, and because of the fact we were generating and storing power as the day progressed.”

Mr Hall also hasn’t been afraid to shop around for the best solar feed-in tariff rate. He recently contacted an energy broker which sourced a 6 cent feed-in tariff for excess energy pumped into the grid, plus a 20% early payment discount.

By doing so, he hopes to offset their energy provider’s future quarterly service charges and ultimately further reduce their next bill.

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