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Missabotti farmers plug into battery storage to combat solar scheme’s end

The imminent death of the state’s 60 cent solar feed-in tariff has prompted Missabotti farmer Jeff Unwin to take action and install a battery storage solution before the new year kicks in.

The beef cattle farmer and his wife Lee have a goal to make their household 30km inland from Valla Beach on the New South Wales Mid North Coast completely energy efficient.

In order to achieve this, three weeks ago local renewable energy company Care Solar Solutions increased the Unwin’s solar PV system from 1.5kWh to 5.3kWh and installed a next generation LG Chem Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU 6.5) and Solax inverter on their property which occupies 100 acres of land at the bottom of the Missabotti Valley.

“My own sustainability and a desire to have no need to go to the grid for power for our 240-volt supply inspired me to act,” Mr Unwin shared.

“My goal would be to to run the house and charge the battery so the battery runs the house of a night.”

Once the battery becomes fully charged during the day, any excess electricity generated is pumped into the grid. The Unwins hope to negotiate a 14 cent solar feed-in tariff with their energy provider to cover their service charges in 2017.

While this is a significantly lower rate than the 60 cent tariff they have enjoyed in recent years under the New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme, by installing a battery storage unit before the scheme’s end this year they have taken matters into their own hands to ensure they are still the beneficiary of their solar investment.

The Unwins will remain grid connected for their three-phase power supply for now, however, upgrading their battery system in the future remains an option.

“Prior to the battery storage installation our total energy bill (for both single and three-phase power) in summer was up to $600 for the quarter, but with the 60 cent tariff in place we were only paying up to $250. In winter it went up because of extra power usage and the shorter sunlight hours,” Mr Unwin added.

“I’m expecting to see a big difference in our next bill as we haven’t been completely draining the battery of an evening.

“I feel like we are happy with it, we’ve bitten the bullet and we’ve got a good result.”

Care Solar Solutions (CSS) is a Port Macquarie based company supplying and installing tier 1 solar and solar storage products to households.

“CSS has received an increasing number of enquiries from solar customers across the Mid North Coast and beyond keen to add solar storage to their household before the Solar Bonus Scheme ends in December,” CSS Director Phillip Butterworth explained.

“Our aim is to help people reduce their dependency on the grid and in turn their energy bills, in an environment where the cost of power from traditional energy sources continues to rise.”

CSS supplies and installs photovoltaic panels from Phono Solar and the most popular battery storage product has been the LG Chem RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) for its small dimensions, low weight and high energy density.

LG Chem is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.

For more information about how Care Solar Solutions can help you reduce your household power bill, contact us today on 1300 925 429 or info@caresolutions.com.au

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