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Port Macquarie household takes back the power over energy bills

Port Macquarie local Dudley is a savvy energy consumer, but this hasn’t stopped him from switching on his home’s air conditioner amid the sweltering summer heat.

You see Dudley has a secret weapon… In November, he upgraded his property’s 2kW solar system to a 5kW system, and invested in a 10kW LG Chem battery from Care Solar Solutions.

“We haven’t run the battery down once,” shared Dudley. “We’re very pleased we went ahead with a 10kW battery… At its lowest it’s reached 30% and most days it’s managed to creep its way up to 99 or 100% charge.”

The roll-back of the state’s generous 60cent solar feed-in tariff on 1 January 2017 prompted Dudley to investigate an alternative energy solution.

When their household’s quarterly energy bills began to rise into the hundreds of dollars, he decided it was time to act.

“The idea of wasting all that power during the day and having to draw power (from the grid) at night grated,” Dudley explained.

In January, the household’s first electricity bill, post the CSS installation, arrived.

“It was based on two months of the new system and one month of the old and it was $16.34,” Dudley shared. “It was a significant improvement.”

The householders also do their part to keep their home’s running costs down. The traditional brick dwelling features solar hot water and ceiling insulation, while skylights have been installed in the closet and kitchen.

“We turn lights off when we’re not in the room, we use natural ventilation rather than air con, I’ve got LEDs everywhere with a couple of fluoros, but no incandescent globes at all… And we don’t have a pool.

“If the worst came to worst, I could unplug from the grid and survive. I’ve got an emergency power supply switch alongside the battery and that generates an AC signal so I can supply power when there’s no grid input.”

The experience has been an empowering one, giving the householders control over their power situation once again.

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